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Do you need a job now?

Everyone need a job now.  We all need money and enough savings to support our needs and if we have no job, then how could we do it? Do youneed a job now? That is a question which will probably get yes as the answer.

It’s always a great problem for our family if our parents are jobless.  Sometimes, it’s the children, young at that, who work for the family.  This is a very unfortunate story especially now that life is so hard and people need to work even two or more jobs to support the daily needs such as food, clothing, shelter.

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Who will probably need a job now?

  1. 1.    Newly graduates – After earning a degree, graduates’ first instinct is to get a job.  Some would prefer to rest or take up higher degree but for those students who spent most of the time studying, it’s now the perfect moment to earn a living to support themselves.

It’s also a self-recognition if a newly graduate would find a job right after finishing the degree.

  1. 2.    Single parents – Obviously, single parents need a job now to support their child/children.  They have no one to turn to for help so they need to survive by finding a job.
  2. 3.    Career shifters – Those who just resigned from work and want to find a new environment, then they are probably looking for a new job which is exciting and satisfying.  Shifting to another career can be very demanding because you need to earn degree and look for a job which is comparable to your previous job.
  3. 4.    Retirees – Although they may be old enough in terms of age, retirees find it boring to just stay at home and enjoy their retirement.  Some of them need a job now such as teaching, tutorials, consultancy, and any work which does not involve physical demands.
  4. 5.    Laid Off – Being laid off because of the company’s bankruptcy is an unfortunate event because this is not the fault of the employee.  Because of this, people who are jobless would need a job now to support their needs. It’s not easy for somebody to adjust to a lifestyle which is abundant and all of a sudden, you become jobless and poor.

Getting a job is a prestige for a person.  Even if the pay is less but you have a job to keep you busy, it is adding confidence in you.  Your job is your life so make the most out of it.  If you are not happy with what you are doing anymore, try to think and decide if you want to quit or just go on.  Anyway, once you are contented with what you receive and you have lots of privileges, you will surely do not need a job now.


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